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Uncovering Insights, Driving Changes

We understand our clients’ need to the details, customize and design the best fitting research methodology for them. Itqaan is highly regarded for providing quality market research services on a regional as well as on a global scale.

We are focussed on delivering relevant market and consumer insights enabling our client to make informed decisions for multiple business goals, such as for product development, new market entry, marketing etc.

Our Values

Our values guide how we make decisions, treat each other and serve our customers. It is a part of our DNA as people and as a company. This enables us to be a bold, high-performing business made great by our people, delivering Value Beyond Measure

Customer First

We listen, learn and anticipate our customers’ needs.

Results Driven

We prioritize, focus and execute flawlessly with urgency.


We are disciplined to deliver services that our customers and partners can always rely on and make data-driven decisions.


We are transparent and act with uncompromising integrity.

Informed Business Decisions
Accurate Market Insights

Organisations needs market research to examine the market trends and behaviour associated with a particular good and/or service, and determine how the target audience will receive it. Market research is very crucial to determine the sales potential and identifying the potential customers.

At the core of our Market Research offering, we help

1. Understand the customers and their preferences
2. Identify opportunities to grow and generate better profits
3. Identify trends, recognize and plan for industry and economic shifts
4. Identify & Monitor the competition in the market
5. Mitigate risks in taking business decisions

Helping organisations understand the
voice of the customer

New age organisations need to understand the consumer as a person by learning more about his or her attitudes, needs, motivations, and behavior as they relate to a product or service. It is important to have relevant, reliable, valid, and accurate insights about their target customer segment.

Our Customer Research offering helps to

1. Understand the characteristics of a target market segment
2. Understand the unmet needs of the customers.
3. Satisfaction and experience about the product or service offering
4. Demographics of the potential customer segment.

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