Improving Customer Experience with Mystery Shopping

Improving customer service is the most important goal of every retail or customer-focused organization. Customers receiving good service are expected to spend more which considerably reduces the probability of churn. Mystery shopping is one of the most important customer experience management tools helping brands collect the data necessary to identify customer pain points and improve the customer experience. The main goals of mystery shopping are

  • Help improve customer service and loyalty
  • Identify the customer pain points, challenges in the customer journey and take necessary corrective actions
  • Build staff competence
  • Ensure the compliance with brand policies, standards, and procedures

Mystery shopping can be conducted across various industries and functions. Some of the most common ones used are

  • Measuring the call center staff interaction experience, across various industries
  • Restaurants gauge the staff performance, customer service, quality of food, responsiveness, etc.
  • Automobile brands measuring the service parameters are distributors

During the exercise, a mystery shopper, who is trained to carry out such activities, will visit the retail outlet with the pre-defined questionnaire or checklist. Using this checklist, these experts evaluate if organizational standards are being implemented and followed by the staff members. They will go through the entire customer journey, note their observations, and report their findings post the interaction. This will help brands discover insights that they would not have imagined or assumed earlier, from the customer’s point of view.

A loyal customer is considered one of the most important assets to any business, and it is extremely important to retain them. At Itqaan, our experts regularly conduct mystery shopping exercises to help our customers grow.