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    Segmentation & Profiling Studies: Customer profiling and segmentation research are generally conducted to identify the different segments in a market, with the goal of developing different strategies and tactics for the different segments. We have deep experience in conducting demographic, psychographic, geographic, and behavioral segmentation.

    Demand Estimation Studies: Demand Estimation and Forecasting is extremely critical for an organization. It allows them to anticipate the future need of a product or service thereby helping set the correct prices and stock levels.



    Advertisement Research: Telecom companies generally conduct Advertisement research to improve the efficiency of their advertising efforts. It is a detailed study conducted to know how customers respond to a particular ad or advertising campaign.

    Brand Health Tracking Studies: Brand health tracking involves measuring the strength of the brand, and tracking its performance over time. In Telecom and other sectors, Brand tracking helps organizations stay informed regarding what’s being said about their brand



    Usage & Attitude: A Usage & Attitude study (U&A) helps companies understand consumers’ usage, motivations, purchasing behavior, and perception of categories and specific brands. U&A studies have market-wide coverage and normally cover a large number of issues like frequency of purchase, frequency of use, attitude towards product/service/brand, strengths, and weaknesses of offerings, lacking features, etc.

    4P Research: Our research expertise helps you to identify essential and critical information you need to use the  4Ps of Marketing · 1. Product (or Service) · 2. Place · 3. Price · 4. Promotion.

    Retail Audits: Retail audits help brands understand the experience that shoppers go through while visiting a store, by obtaining data and knowing the condition (Stock, Share of Shelf, Sales, Marketing & Promotions) of their brands in the stores.



    Car Clinic: Car Clinics are a rich way of gathering qualitative feedback from automotive consumers. It measures how appealing is the planned new model to customers whilst it is still at the development stage.

    Concept Testing: Concept Testing involves the evaluation of ideas for a product before the prototype or product is developed. This maximises the odds of you launching a product or service that people want to buy.

    Mystery Shopping: Mystery shopper visits to Automobile showrooms or dealerships are conducted to measure the quality of service, knowledge, job performance, friendliness and other parameters of the staff and management.



    CSAT Research: CSAT is a key performance indicator that tracks how satisfied a bank’s customers are with its products and/or services along with reasons for dissatisfaction. CSAT surveys also engage bank’s customers and make them feel that the business cares about feedback

    Mystery Shopping:  We conduct mystery shopping and customer experience programs with banking and other financial organization to benchmark their performance with peers. It includes measuring the staff (bank or call center) performance, store atmosphere, ATM & other channels performance, etc.



    Industry Research: Our industry research and monitoring services help clients understand the opportunities and risks in emerging markets with insights, forecasts, and data. Grasp on the latest developments in the sector, evolving consumer & market trends, etc help clients remain relevant and stay on top of the markets.

    Feasibility Research: We conduct feasibility analysis for Governmental organizations and other International firms to determine the commercial, technical and financial viability of an idea. This helps determine many factors, such as cost-effectiveness and whether the proposed plan would benefit the organization in the future, expected ROI, etc.