Project Name: Estimating the market potential for a new Camera Model

Client: Japanese Electronics Major

Project Duration: 1.5 Months


Demand forecasting is the process of making estimations about future customer demand for a product or service over a defined period, using historical data and other market information. Such research helps brands understand the market size, growth, and profit potential if they are entering this particular market. It is also used to understand the drivers of demand in each segment. A Japanese major wanted to launch a new camera model in the GCC market and wanted to understand the market potential.


The product was targeted at amateur and hobby photographers. From the demand side, purchase behavior (Where did they buy from? How much did they spend, etc), Current usage behavior (When do they use? Why do they use? How often do they use, etc), and Purchase intention was understood to forecast the market potential of the product. The research also discovered insights on awareness, perceptions, usage, competition landscape, etc. to develop a strategy to enter the GCC market.