Project Name: Concept Testing – Warehouse Aggregation Business

Client: 3PL Logistics Major based out of Oman

Project Duration: 1 Month


Companies need to evaluate consumer acceptance of a new product idea prior to the introduction of a product to the market. Insights gathered about different aspects of the idea using concept testing will help in assuring the validity of every detail before launching the product. Our client, who is a major player in the logistics industry, wanted to enter the warehouse aggregation space and in this regard, understand the customer interest in their new concept.


We conducted a two-pronged research to address the business challenge. From the demand side (SMEs operating in consumer goods, perishables & non perishables), in-depth insights regarding their Unmet Needs, Concept Interest & Purchase Drivers, and the Market Opportunity was identified. From the supply side, current vacant warehouse space renting practices, interest in the new concept etc were explored in detail.  The research involved both quantitative and qualitative methodologies and the client was able to understand the interest in the market for the proposed concept and pricing models.