Project Name: Tracking the EV Industry in MENA Region

Client: Venture Capital Firm Based out of UAE

Project Duration: 3 Months


The ability to monitor industry and consumer trends in real-time is an incredibly valuable tool for anticipating changes in the market. Be it for investing, entering a new market, or making partnerships, a thorough understanding of the industry is extremely crucial. A leading venture capital firm based out of the UAE wanted to potentially invest in a few startups in the EV sector. Before making the investment decision, they wanted to track the EV industry in the GCC region and understand the future potential.


Factors like major players in the market, latest investment/deals in the sector, an active list of VCs operating, latest government regulations, market trends were constantly monitored by Itqaan’s research team.  Weekly updated reports were shared with the latest global and local trends. The client’s investment team was able to monitor the latest movements in the industry.