Project Name: Customer Satisfaction in Insurance Sector

Client: Leading Insurance Provider

Project Duration: 2 Months


Customer satisfaction(CSAT) is a widely used primary success metric used to measure how happy customers are with the goods and/or services of a company. At key interaction points, such as the moment of the order, the onboarding process, a help ticket exchange, a phone or interactive chat with customer service, advertisers and brands can use customer satisfaction (CSAT) to assess the level of satisfaction of a customer. A large insurance provider based out of GCC wanted to understand the satisfaction of the services and processing among various customers.


Quantitative Research with a predefined questionnaire on a scale of 1-5 was used to measure the satisfaction at various customer touchpoints. The study identified major reasons behind the loss of loyal customers along with identifying areas where the organization can improve. It also threw light on other factors like

  • Ease of accessibility to the required services through the Insurance company’s web and physical offices.
  • Easy of contact and communication with the insurance company’s employees (By phone, social media, and email)
  • The extent of flexibility in dealing
  • Fairness and equity in treatment